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Val Gleave



came to painting in my 50s on an impulse. I had always doodled around but would never have called myself an artist and did not do so until about 2000.  It was a very confronting thing to do, to call myself an artist, and yet I could not stop creating paintings, works in clay, computer art, etchings and so on to this day. In 2007 I became part of a 'Visual Medicine' Group (www.visualmedicine.org) where we created fluid acrylic paintings on paper and interpreted our work in a soulful and oracular way. An important part of this was the making of 'Mandalas' which are not so much art as a stimulus for contemplation or oracular work. Rewriting this page in UK lockdown in 2020 'my new passion became scratchboard - the very opposite of fluid acrylic - requiring as much skill and concentration as an etching or aquatint and I really love making these pieces. I also have a website for Soul Collage (www.soulimaging.com) a creative collage process which is both fun and psychotherapeutic! I have exhibited in London (usually with others) at Lauderdale House, Coningsby Gallery, the Phoenix in East Finchley, the Old Brent Gallery and several small restaurants/cafes.

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